Friday, November 11, 2011

OSHA Pipe Labeling Requirements

What are the OSHA pipe labeling requirements?

DuraLabel Pipe Labels In Alaska
OSHA does not specify pipe labeling requirements. What they do is reference the ANSI A13.1 standard. This essentially makes the ANSI pipe marking standard an OSHA requirement.  Since OSHA does not specify a specific version of ANSI A13.1, then any changes to the pipe marking code are automatically an OSHA pipe labeling requirement.

However, there have not been any changes to the pipe labeling standards for a long time.

Pipe marking is one of the most common types of labeling and it is fairly simple.  The standards specify the minimum size of the labels and text on the labels.  The locations are also specified. A good way to summarize the location requirements is to say that a pipe marker must be visible from any location in the facility.  If you can see a pipe, you should also be able to see a label that identifies the pipe contents and direction of flow.

One part of pipe marking that is not specified is the durability of the pipe labels. OSHA does not care if your pipe markers fall off every year, as long as they are immediately replaced.  OSHA only is interested in seeing that thre is always a label. They don't care what it costs you to keep that pipe label in place.

But DuraLabel does.

We care about pipe labeling costs as well as being in full compliance with OSHA and ANSI. That's why we Tough Test our supplies.  That's why we have our own materials test lab. This allows us to test whatever supplies we wish to test whenever we want them test.  We cold rely on our supplier's testing. But, that's not the best way to go. They might change their testing or stop testing. Or they might change their products in a way they think is better, but that is not good for you. By during our own materials testing we can know, for sure, DuraLabel supplies are the only Tough Tested labeling supplies. That means DuraLabel Premium Vinyl is the ONLY vinyl that gives you a five year warranty on the pipe markers you make.  No one else does that. No one else has Tough Tested labeling supplies.

Give us a call today at 1-888-326-9244 to order your pipe marking supplies. If you don't have a DuraLabel printer yet, ask about the special DuraLabel Pipemarking Kit.  Call today. You'll be glad you did.

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